Hello there!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by! Whether you’re looking for a new recipe, love exploring food blogs like I do or just happen to click on my site, welcome! I am Bianca, a Nutritionist by day and a food blogger as I can. I am hoping to take my love of cooking (and eating!) and bring it from this New England kitchen to yours.

I work for the only standing community hospital in CT. Everyday I get to work with expecting and new Moms, infants and children to help them live a happy and healthy life.I don’t believe in self deprivation to ‘feel healthy’ or ‘look good’ I believe in eating whole simple foods and enjoying everything in moderation.

At home, my taste testers are my husband Jon and our pup Hunter, you’ll hear me mention them frequently, they are my world. We live in a little town in rural CT where I can find a farm or mom and pop shop in any direction I go, which means tons of local produce, bakeries and beautiful sceneries.


Jon is my biggest supporter and always gives praise for my creations in the kitchen–even if they aren’t the best! When we were house hunting he made sure a large kitchen with an island was the top of our list, for my love of cooking and his love of eating what I cook!


Hunter came to us just before Christmas of 2015,we had just gotten married in October and everyone was already asking when the babies where coming…we want to wait a little longer. Any hoo, Jon promised me a pup and I had one picked out from a local rescue, we went to go meet this pup and Hunter took our hearts instead. He’s been through a lot but is to most loving and loyal pup around! He is a little spoiled and that’s okay, he gets home made dog food and dog treats and is always willing to taste test anything safe for him to eat!

So if you have survived reading all of this, look around, find something new to try or a new take on something old and enjoy!